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Cost Comparisons

Average Cost vs. Home Treatment

Lice Ladies Treatment Average Cost $90-$150
Re-treat (7-10 days later) $55
Free Head checks for immediate family members $0
100% Guarantee for 30 days $0
Written instructions on what to do in your home $0
Tips to prevent future infestations $0
Tutorial on how to do a 5 minute weekly maintenance check $0
Peace of Mind Priceless
Total Cost $145-$205
For SEVERE cases of 3 months or more, a charge of $185 may apply.**
Home Lice Treatment Average Cost $500+
Topical Over the Counter x2 Treatments $42.99
For the Rest of the Family (Just in Case) $80
Store brand lice comb (Most are lousy and don’t work) $19.99
Replacement Comb, Brushes and Hair Accessories $50
Extra Cost of Cleaning Products $30
Missed Work (3 days missed based on $15 an hour) $360
Total Cost $500+
For SEVERE cases of 3 months or more, a charge of $185 may apply.**

Lice Ladies vs. Mobile

Why coming to one of the Lice Ladies Clinics is better than a Mobile Service:

  1. Sanitation: We keep our clinics sanitized as well as our combs and other treating instruments properly medically sanitized. It’s easier to do this in a contained and controlled environment We keep everything in our clinics medically sanitized, including our combs and other treating instruments.
  2. We follow HIPAA guidelines and have a private treatment room for each family.
  3. We have both, managers and technicians, staffed in our clinics. Many times we are able to have multiple staff work on your family at one time Treatments are quicker and we are able to see you faster.
  4. Our rooms are set up so we have proper seating / treatment and sterilization areas. This makes it more comfortable for our clients as well as more efficient for our staff to properly treat You aren’t sitting in a bathroom or at a kitchen table.
  5. Our treatment rooms have proper lighting with additional lamps and tools to ensure the process is thorough and efficient.
  6. We are able to fairly and competitively price our rates depending on the severity of infestation as well as length and thickness of hair, NOT by the hour which is more expensive.
  7. Lice are not running around your home. They are MOSTLY in the hair on your head We give you specific In-Home Instructions for your house. Don’t let other companies scare you about your house. You don’t need to buy any special cleaning products or laundry detergent if you follow our simple and specific instructions.  Your home will be easily and properly sanitized anywhere a louse could possibly be.

Our owners have offices in each of our Lice Ladies Clinics and rotate where they are working. Owners are able to quality control our staff and clinics at random. Owners also jump in and treat when and if needed. We are a team at Lice Ladies and upholding our Lice Ladies Brand Standard is mandatory for all employed by Lice Ladies.